Before requesting an appointment, please read this thoroughly! 


We are EXCITED that you are interested in booking an appointment. BEFORE continuing to the link below, there are a few things we want you to be aware of. 


We are not a spa. We are an independently owned and operated local business.  We are two licensed massage therapists who have extensive training and don’t have other employees.  We only take a limited number of clients per day so we offer you our service with exceptional care.  If you would like to request an appointment, use the  link below to request an appointment.  The best way to contact us for questions would be by emailing us at or by texting us at 267 225 1611.  


More than likely, we wouldn’t be able to offer you our service on the day of.  


When you request an appointment online, please manually input the name of the therapist of your choice in the Client’s message box. If you don’t have a preference, please let us know in that section as well. Our online scheduler currently doesn’t send us this piece of information even if you have chosen the therapist in the process of requesting. If you forget to add this information, no worries. We will send you a follow-up email.  


If this is your first time booking with us, you will receive an email request to fill a Client intake form from Nuad Bodywork. Simply click each link and fill out online. Once you submit they are instantly attached to your account. NO DOWNLOADING or PRINTING will be needed! This form needs to be completed BEFORE we confirm your first appointment.  If they are not completed, we are unable to book your appointment.  

Please avoid arriving extra early for your appointment to avoid traffic in the office! 


Mask wearing is required. In order to prevent the risk of exposure to the COVID-19,  both the clients and the therapists will wear masks at all times during massage sessions.  

If you have read through this portion and would like to proceed to request an appointment online please click the link below!