How do I make an appointment?


The best way to contact us for questions would be by emailing us at nuadbodyworkphilly@gmail.com or by texting us at 267 225 1611.


What do I wear?

Both Thai Bodywork and Amatarot are performed on a padded floor mat with the receiver fully clothed. Loose fitting or flexible clothing is recommended, such as cotton sweatpants and cotton shirt.


Chi Abdominal Massage is an oil massage practiced on the abdomen, on a mattress on the floor or on a table.  A receiver is fully clothed with only abdominal area exposed for the work.  Loose fitting or flexible clothing is recommended, such as cotton sweatpants and cotton shirt.


For Deep Tissue massage or Ashiatsu, you can undress to your level of comfort.  Some clients prefer to keep their underwear on during a massage, while others prefer to be nude. It is up to you. From the massage therapist perspective, it’s easier and more effective to massage the glutes without underwear, but we can adapt.


For Myofasical Release, you can come in with sport bra and a pair of shorts.


Can I eat before my session?
A receiver is recommended not to eat for 1 hours minimum before a session and 3-4 hours minimum before Chi Abdominal Massage.


I don’t feel so well.  Should I come for a session anyway?
If you are feeling off or feeling like you are about to get sick, you should stay home and rest. With increased circulation and manipulation of the muscles, your body releases and/or pushes metabolic waste through your system faster than normal.  When you are already dealing with symptoms in the early stage of the sickness, the bodywork can increase your symptoms and make you feel worse.  Best idea is to stay home and rest.


Special Notes for people who booked for a Chi Abdominal Massage session: Chi Abdominal Massage isn’t recommended for people with following conditions:  1) Chronic diseases, such as cancer; 2) if you wear a pacemaker; 3) if you have your menstrual cycle, are pregnant, wear coil or a gastric ring; 4) if you have ever had a blood clot or taking anticoagulants.