Compassionate Healing for Chronic Pain 


We offer Thai massage and other authentic healing modalities to help you find and release the root causes of your chronic pain. 



All sessions are by appointment only!    


Specialized in:

-Thai massage


-Chi Abdominal Detox Massage


-Deep Tissue/

Myofascial Release

-Manual Lymphatic Drainage

-Neural Reset Therapy

We are a friendly, locally-owned business offering years of experience in ancient and authentic body therapy. 


The mind and body are interconnected in powerful ways, and so are the many manifestations of chronic pain: physical, psychic, spiritual. Eun Jung and Guillermo are expert practitioners with decades of intensive training in multiple modalities, including many summers spent in Thailand studying traditional Thai massage in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Together, we offer a range of healing modalities that can help you feel grounded and calm, with better posture, greater mobility, and less tightness.


“It’s always a good experience the massage at the Nuad Bodywork. Me and my husband go frequently and we think it’s for sure the best massage we found. I really recommend!”



“The abdominal massage experience was new and intense and revealed tight spots that I didn’t know that I had. ”



“This was my first time for both Thai Massage and Chi Ne Tsang, and I had a very positive experience with both. I wanted to treat myself to some powerful healing as a birthday present, and I am very glad that I did. I think some major shifts happened during my treatment.”